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With the arrival of 2022, ransomware operators are back in business. It had only been a week into the new year when investigators administered a notification about the newly discovered Lapsus$ ransomware.

What's the latest?

  • During the New Year's holiday, Impresa, Portugal's largest media conglomerate, was infected with the new Lapsus$ ransomware.
  • The gang claimed responsibility for the attack by defacing all Impresa websites with a ransom note.
  • The attack, however, had no effect on radio or cable television broadcasts.
  • While the company has reclaimed control of many of its impacted sites, the gang claims to still have access to company resources.

The overall picture

  • The Lapsus$ group had hacked several other organizations since its discovery in December 2021.
  • This included an attack on the websites of Brazil's Ministry of Health, which resulted in the loss of COVID-19 vaccination data for millions of citizens.
  • Claro and Embratel, two South American telecommunications companies, were the other two victims.

In conclusion

For cybercriminals, ransomware is a lucrative business. It's working and it's paying off. With each passing year, threat actors become more creative in their extortion and propagation techniques, posing a significant threat to organizations. Instead of becoming a sitting duck for such threats, organizations must strengthen their cybersecurity posture by implementing a robust backup process and detection measures for malicious activities.

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