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MANGA Found Targeting RCE Vulnerability

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The MANGA botnet operators have been found manipulating a recent exposure in the TP-Link TL-WR840N EU V5 that permits remote code performance.

The abused flaw

Botnets support editing and boosting their abilities, targeting recently discovered vulnerabilities to complete illicit activities.

  • This time MANGA is exploiting a bug followed by CVE-2021-41653 that causes weak host variables to run commands on the device.
  • A researcher posted a proof of idea used for the flaw on November 12, and clearly, not everyone was involved in the patch.
  • Later, MANGA began exploiting the spot just two weeks after TP-Link removed the firmware update.

The exploitation process

MANGA operators are exploiting the RCE spot to move the devices to download and run a negative script.

  • The malicious script, when run, downloads the major binary payloads with two proposals.
  • However, the players still need authentication for this exploit, which is uncomplicated to overcome if the machine has default certificates.
  • Just like the primary variant of Mirai, MANGA recognizes contaminated
  • machines' architecture and downloads corresponding payloads. Thereafter, it blocks relations to most targeted ports to stop other botnets from contaminating the charged device.
  • Ultimately, the botnet waits from the C2 server to carry out a Denial-of-Service attack.

It is to be mentioned that TP-Link had already fixed the flaw by removing a firmware update in November.


specialists recommend always reworking devices regularly and changing the password with stroUnpatched machines may, now more often than ever, direct to dangerous results. Therefore, ng ones.

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Author - Johnson Augustine
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