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How Did We Secure Our Credit Card?

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In this digital era, it is very important to secure our credit cards. In this blog, you got a clear idea of how to secure your Credit card.

What are the benefits of using a credit card?

  • It is safer than cash
  • It is your network that you have covered
  • It always keeps you protected

Safer than cash

When it comes to peace of mind, there’s no better way to pay than with your payment card. There’s a whole range of security tools and safety features made into your card. So whether you’re purchasing in a store, online or on your mobile device, you can do it all with courage.

Your network has you covered

When you use your credit card, you’re used by a payment network that’s designed to be safe and smart.

Keeping you protected

Compared to cash or cheque, payment cards are a secure way to pay. Their various-layer security safeguards you against unwanted transactions. Payment cards also leave a trail, unlike cash, which financial organizations can follow to copy and recover your money. But you also play a major part when it raises your safety, by checking your transactions, keeping your card secure and your PIN secret.

What are the Security tips to protect yourself?

  • First, Look for the Mastercard Identity Check logo
  • Second, Sign up for Transaction alerts
  • Third, Be familiar with your card issuer’s policies
  • Fourth, Beware of phishers
  • Fifth, Check your statements
  • Sixth, Keep your ATM PIN private

Look for the Mastercard Identity Check logo:

When you purchase at online merchants that support Mastercard Identity Check, you can enjoy real peace convincing your purchases are protected with an extra layer of safety, with or without a one-time password.

Sign up for Transaction alerts

Transaction notifications let you know whenever there’s a play in your accounts, so it’s a good idea to sign up all your cards for them.

Be familiar with your card issuer’s policies

Every bank has its own security in place for your peace of mind. Talk to your bank to find out what they are.

Beware of phishers

Phishers try to gain personal details from you, like your payment card number, PIN, username or password. Don’t react to them. Instead, call your bank to make a report.

Check your statements

Regularly monitor your bank and card statements. Call your bank if you point to any unwanted transactions.

Keep your ATM PIN private

Don’t share your ATM Pin with anyone. If you don't remember your PIN or think it may have been compromised, ask your bank for a new one.

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